About Us


Mission Statement


Using a mobile app platform, we create communication solutions for the over 400 million deaf and Hard of Hearing around the world, and their hearing friends and family, so they Never Miss A Word.

“We give a voice to the silent.” — Chase Prieve, Founder of Hi There Solutions



Our History



Walter and Anna Prieve, the Great-Grandparents of our Founder, Chase Prieve, were both deaf and attended the Wisconsin School for the Deaf.

Working in the telecommunications industry, Chase realized that millions of deaf and Hard of Hearing people were underserved by and excluded from certain communication technology solutions, which are primarily designed for the hearing.

Chase’s vision is to create well-designed communication products specifically for deaf and Hard of Hearing people, so to better enable them to build their community and stay connected through accessibility and inclusion.





2021 Innovator Award

In 2021 we were presented with the Innovator Award from the Hearing Health & Technology Matters Organization in the Captioning Technology: Mobile Apps category.


Chase Prieve

Seven years of telecommunication industry sales solutions, cloud, and mobile app experience.

John Prieve

Over thirty years of biopharmaceutical industry sales leadership experience with both established and start-up companies launching new medicines.


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